Sunday, January 11, 2009

What is a Bum?

Today in church someone told me I was "bumming it".

I was a bit put off by her blatant lack of filter for conversation. Why did she assume I was a bum? I said I wasn't looking for a job...but that didn't mean I didn't have one. I do have one.'s far from glamorous...but it's employment nonetheless. Which is more than I can say for the other 7% of unemployed people in this country.

Also...after four 1/2 years of stressing out, freaking out, lack of eating, too much eating, lack of sleep, all nighters, lack of money, lack of time, makeup-less face, too much makeup for performances, singing to big crowds, standing in front of little crowds, producing, editing, writing, reading, reading more, textbooks, good books, sleeping in nooks, campus dances, campus concerts, construction on campus, the overuse of the word campus, planning, forgetting to plan, using a planner, bills, cheap thrills without the fun of frills or pills, full clothing, no flip flops, wearing flip flops without getting caught, overuse of the letter I, remembering that there is no I in team, being a part of I-Team, I-comm, I can....

I can chose to take a break. A nice long break. Maybe a year. Trust a short amount of time I'll go insane of my current circumstances. Then once again you'll read of a new place. But for's this place, and I'm a bum.

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G. Saintiny said...

Hi, ChrisTAL,

Your style really makes me smile!

Oh, and I left a comment on your Powerful Intentions page about this blog entry.

I know: Huh?

Sunshine & Blessings,