Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Many Options

Something has been weighing on me quite a bit recently. OPTIONS.

Why do we need so many? I don't like making poor choices. I'm pretty calculated in everything I do. Even things that don't seem to be calculated...are. For example: I am most aware that if I bring cookies to the employees at the UPS Store in Middlebury for Christmas that they will give me more free stuff for the company. Or, they'll go above and beyond their call of duty as "print coordinator extraordinaires" (seriously...that's what their name tags say) to carry out some outlandish project I need completed because I'm too lazy to sit at a paper cutter for two hours.

So, I like to manipulate people, it's no different than the JC Penny's sales women who tells you that you'll save 10% if you open a store credit card, only to find out they will molest you in APR rates for the next 7-10 years.

But the choices that bother me are the choices that are just unnecessary. Choices like fruity toothpaste. Do you think I bite into a pomegranate and say to myself..."Gee I wish they'd mix this with mint and synthetic chemicals so I could lather my teeth with it". No, it's more like "UGH, I got another seed on my top. Why is it weird for adults to wear bibs in public?!".

Or what about suntan lotion. Is there really a difference between SPF 70 and SPF 90. If you're Irish you're going to look like a lobster no matter what you do. Also, once you've already been tanning for 27 years don't expect that bottle with the little girl baby bottom being attacked by a dog to protect you from skin cancer (see above photo for reference).

What are some choices that anger you? 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Month Re-cap: The McDonalds Monster, or is it?

Well, my last post was about how I was going to go one month without eating McDonalds...and I did. Did I lose weight, no. I actually gained weight. Do I feel better? Yes, I don't crash as much during the afternoon. Did I save money? NO! I spent it buying food at other places.

What I did learn about myself and food in the last month is that I do enjoy cooking, and I'm good at it. I also need to eat healthier food that isn't processed by midgets in Jersey and infused with 10,000 chemicals I can't pronounce.

Interested in what I'm talking about? Watch this film: