Monday, January 19, 2009

My Moody Rant

I have had some things lately that are bothering me. I'm pretty moody today so I'll just let them out through writing because that's what I do.

1. How much money are we spending on this inauguration? It saddens me that we didn't give the same respect to past presidents as we are Barack Obama. Please don't misunderstand my notions. I support Barack Obama. I would've voted for him if the state of Vermont had actually sent me my absentee ballot. But what I don't understand is how we can spend so much money on balls, galas, ect...when that money could pay off thousands of foreclosed mortgages. If you can find an article that says that all of that money was from private donations then I will rest my opinion of this subject.

2. Also on the subject of this historic event. Why don't American schools get inauguration day off every four years? I think it should be a mandatory holiday. We should move presidents day to inauguration day and then call it inauguration day every four years instead of presidents day.

3. The F word. This is not an important part of the English language. It is not a useful verb and even less useful as a noun. Aren't there other verbs you could use? Maybe verbs like "forget" or even the more vulgar but less humiliating "screw". I don't like being on the bus and hearing a couple of degenerates talk about their life and the weather immediately followed by F, or preceding F. Could it be possible for you to read a book and understand that there are other words? Maybe you could pick up a copy of Dr. Seuss. Even the book Everybody Poops is likely not to use the malicious F.

4. Drugs. It's simple. Stop doing them and you'll be a better person. I won't expound on this because if you do drugs then you know it's wrong. I consider drinking beyond socially a drug. I don't drink personally but outside of religious values I believe social drinking is okay. The problem are those that think it's okay to keep going. Get completely sloshed. Come to work hungover and then complain. Not okay.

5. Radio top 40 songs. THE TOP FORTY CONSISTS OF MORE THAN TEN SONGS. 95.5FM in Burlington Vermont is the worst and most redundant radio station I've ever heard. I've worked in radio for four years. We never repeated our top 40 as much as this station. I've NEVER heard another station do this like Triple X does. Not in NYC, Idaho, California, Montana, Washington State, Virginia, or Utah. Nor has it been that bad on any online radio stations that I've listened to. I think they're subject to modern day payola. If you don't know what payola is then look it up.

6. I sent a very professional email in regards to a service opportunity in the community. I have great credentials and experience for the area of service I want to do. SERVICE=NO PAY. I wasn't applying for a job. They still haven't emailed me back. It would at least be professional to respond to someone who's interested in helping the community and trying to give back. It's too bad we live in a community where it's easier to live off the government then it is to serve someone.

All right. That's all I have for now. I'm sure I'll go on one of these rants again. But for now...that is all I have to say.


cre8iven8 said...

i couldn't agree the way, great impersonation on Lorraine. lol, definately nailed it...

Tasha and Ryan said...

I couldn't agree more either. its to know that there is someone is just as opinionated as me! WE need more LDS women who are not afraid to speak up dont you think so??!