Friday, January 16, 2009


So today I have the day off and boredom is mounting. I went from spending 14 hour days on campus to working 40 hours a week and thinking that it's not enough to fill my time.

I decided I should do some service in the community. I really want to get involved with helping kids get ready for college. I recently had a conversation with one of my co-workers about his plans post H.S. graduation. He said he wanted to go into something particular but wasn't sure if he could get there because of his life circumstances. It made me sad and angry to think that someone has given him the notion that he can't accomplish what he wants. So..I encouraged him. I think others have too. Recently he seems to have a plan for school and it looks like he's going to get to do what he wants. Please understand this didn't really have anything to do with me but I'm glad I could encourage nonetheless.

I think it's important to serve and my parents have been good examples of this. My mother would teach craft classes to the elderly and my father helps coordinate the childrens community gardens in Burlington.

Below are some links that you can use to help get involved yourself, or, get inspired to serve!

United Way

CNN Heroes

Here are some videos of CNN Heroes

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