Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sexually Transmitted Dilemmas

Have you ever had an answer to a question make too much sense? You know those times when someone says "Sure, they could do that but it would make too much sense".

This thought came to me when I was listening to a commercial for Planned Parenthood. The commercial talked about how birth control doesn't protect you against STD's. The commercial went on to invite young listeners to come on down to planned parenthood and learn other ways to protect yourself against STD's.

I'm sorry. I'm confused. I'm pretty sure there is only ONE way to effectivly protect yourself against STD's. Don't become a whore. Seriously, it's simple. Only sleep with a steady partner who has been tested and is faithful to you. Futheremore, when I say "steady" I mean more than two weeks.

Here's another idea. Don't have sex till you have a shiny thing on your left hand. And no I don't mean Michael Jackson's rinestone glove. I mean A RING. A wedding ring.

Do I make sense or shall I type slower? Now this isn't to say that everyone needs to have a purity ball, become Mormon, or join a monastary. It means that we need to be vigilant and intelligent about sex. I believe sex is very important to humanity, marriage, and life. But at what cost is a few hours of pleasure? Is it worth the many years of child rearing? How about the agonizing pain of those pussing pollups? Sorry for being so graphic but maybe what the world needs is graphic.

I remember seeing photos of blackened lungs on the walls of my classroom for health class. It was sickening what these posters portrayed to get the point across about smoking. couldn't the same be said of STD's. The posters could read "Friends Don't Let Friends Become Whores". It could picture two teenage girls standing side by side. One holding a dirty diaper and the other with her arms full of various ointments.

I think that might get the point across. If not, go to Planned Parenthood.

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