Friday, May 16, 2008

Movie Theatre

Here's the story of my movie theatre cat fight.

Setting: Midnight showing of Prince Caspian.

There was a table on the side near the windows to the arcade. My friend put her purse and sweatshirt down. Some guy started taking the chairs away from the table while we were getting our popcorn. My other friend nicely told them we were sitting there and our stuff was there. He said "well we were standing here first"

My friend: "well we put our stuff down so we could save the table"

He made some snerky comment towards her that I didn't hear.

So knowing that my friend doesn't deserve to be treated like a day old muffin in the trash, I walked pass him and said "excuse me" and sat in the chair that was behind him at the table. This man and his wife were standing directly in front of the table with their arms crossed.

I made a remark that the husband "doesn't have to stand right in front of my face" and then he started going off about being there first.

This whole thing was beyond stupid. Then...his wife got involved. I proceeded to make sure that she didn't give me lip. We argued for a bit and then my friend tried to stop it by saying that everyone should just "lay off"

I then tried to apologize. The wife mocked my apology!

I said to the wife "Did you really just say that to my face?"

She said "Yea"

I then argued with her for a another minute or so about how immature she is and then I dropped it.

Here is the best part...
When the REAL line actually formed the couple got in front of us and the wife said "ha see we got in front of them"

Then...THERE WERE TWO THEATRES and we didn't even have to go into the same theatre.

Moral of the story...Don't be possesive about a ticket line that DOESN'T EXIST.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Procrastination is DA BOMB

So I have devised a list of things you can procrastinate on in case you ever want to live by the seat of your pants.

1. Laundry-wait till the last pair of underoos

2. Homework-Use distractions like facebook, myspace, chillin, eating, hiking, sleeping, working out, and talking to your mother.

3. Sleeping-It's only great when you know you can sleep till McDonald's goes from the breakfast to lunch menu.

4. Reading-Make sure you get all the way into an American Literature class without reading Huck Finn.

5. Dating-Um yea...this one's easy. Women, have an opinion. Men, be afraid that women have too many opinions. Both will easily procrastinata relationships.

6. Watching Lost-wait until season four to start the show. It's not worth it to start three years ago.

7. Buying Sneakers-once they're too old to use just start calling them "lucky"

8. Calling Old Friends-usually you don't call them because they're weird. So, just make up some story about being busy with "life" and give them a facebook poke. By "life" I mean playing Guitar Hero.

9. Cooking-it's called pot pies in the freezer aisle.

10. Finally Working-you can spend your time writing on a mindless blog about all the things you can procrastinate at.