Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, the genius Gov. of Idaho has decided that it would be intelligent to get rid of PBS in Idaho. Right, let's remove something educational from a nation that is already failing at intelligence daily. Below is the link to the article. Below that is what I said in response online. I want to also thank Nate, the person who wrote this story, for letting the public know how truly greedy Gov. Otter is.

Enjoy the article!

-My Comment-

I can't believe Gov. Otter would even consider phasing out such an important part of local media.

There is a quality to public television that cannot be found in mainstream media. A quality of higher intellect and the rich art of well produced programming.

Public TV isn't cookie cutter nonsense media created purely for ratings and cash flow. PBS is a place where artisans of media can showcase their talent.

I watched public television as a child. My grandmother, my mother, and myself all watched the Lawrence Welk Show. My preface was to tune into Reading Rainbow rather than other popular cartoons. And as an aspiring reporter, I looked to Charlie Rose to teach me the art of a good interview.

Don't deprive the community of healthy programming geared towards an educated society.

Furthermore, local fundraising is a viable option for garnering money for the affiliates. Research VPT (Vermont Public Television) as a good model.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diet Soda & Twitter

Over the course of the last year I have decreased my attention span to nothing. There was a time in which reading was a much loved past time. Now I only do it in airports. I've also become excessively addicted to diet soda.

All kinds of diet soda.

Diet Coke.

Diet Sprite.

Diet Dr. Pepper.

Diet Cherry Coke.

Diet cranberry seasonal Fresca.

And so on....

It takes until 1pm in the afternoon for the affine to kick in and by then I become wired until 2am at which point I go to bed and think about how I am supposed to start my diet day back up again.

I have become a zombie. Society is filled with living diet zombies. Living diet zombies who are addicted to things like Twitter.

Yep. I really like Twitter. I really do. Why? Because its minimal. It's controllable. You only have to see updates from the people you want to see them from. There are no games, gadgets, widgets, popups, pop-outs, popovers, scroll-overs, do-overs, friend requests, relationship (I don't care if you really don't love me you need to tell everyone you do anyways) requests.

Seriously. It's just quick and simple and available for those that have self-induced "CDHD".

What's CDHD you ask?

Caffeine Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

So, please stop depriving me of knowing your inner most thoughts. Sign up for Twitter and we can be "Tweeps".

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today one of my co-workers responded with the best quote I've ever heard at work.

Me: "why don't you go kill some time after work by checking out some books at Barnes and Noble or something?"

Employee: "the only books I read are comics and porn magazines"

My Boss: "those aren't even books..."

This man is a father.


I was recently talking with someone about how no one has manners anymore. Furthermore, many men don't practice chivalry either.

This then made me think about where and how we lost the art of manners. I watched a news show recently which talked about eating disorders in Fiji. Apparently as soon as TV was introduced to Fiji anorexia skyrocketed from .1% to 11% (or something close to those numbers).

So is it possible that TV and the media are to blame?

I say no. Why don't I blame the media? Because I am a soul media fiend. I had a TV in my room most of my young life. Granted...I didn't have MTV until I was 12, but still...TV didn't teach me manners nor did it "un"-teach me manners.

My parents taught me manners. My mother really. And she would remind me constantly until it was instilled in my head that certain things you just don't do in public.

So...if you meet me, here are some things that I find annoying due to lack of manners.

Burping in public without saying excuse me.

Coughing in my face without covering your mouth.

Talking with your mouth full ( ;-p )

Walking into someone's house and acting as though it's yours when you're not particularly good friends.

Insulting yourself after someone had complimented you. (This isn't a big one but you should care enough about yourself to accept the compliment).

And the list does go on but I'll leave that to your parents to teach you.

Also, I really like pie.

The end.