Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things I've Learned...

So I'm about to start yet another new job. As I was driving back from replacing the recalled steering column in my Cobalt I was thinking about the things I wish I knew beforehand, and the things I've learned from my jobs, education, parents, strangers with money.

So here are some things I've learned from the places I've been and such.

Working in Fast Food

People will treat you like the gum on the bottom of their shoes when they are ordering. It doesn't matter, you will get out of that job eventually. Also, these jobs can pay more than office jobs. So, potentially it's your pride or your wallet which are the key factors.

Also, don't offer a Muslim a beef taco...it doesn't go over well.

Putting Together Concerts & Events in College

"The hardest thing you'll have to deal with as a leader isn't the job itself, it's the people." -Kris Powell

This is true, and people in bands can be snobs...but don't forget, they're talented, and often worked very hard to master this talent.

Working for a Printer Company

Don't pick up a box of toner and hold it over your new tan khakis. The toner could potential spill onto your clothing.

There is politics in ALL business, and business in ALL politics.

I can't keep food at my desk or I will eat it.

Don't ever think you don't have potential and don't let others dictate how you should feel. It's good to have evidence for your actions, but don't dwell on past experiences.

Charitable work is important and can make you feel good.

There are great people among you.

Working in TV News

Anchors are people who work jobs. Being in the entertainment industry is still work. It can be very stressful and for many it doesn't pay crap. Have some respect for these people, but don't fear them. They're just like you. The only difference is they don't break into hives when speaking in front of people.  

TV journalists work harder than print journalists (if they're good reporters). Sorry, it's true. Not only do they have to write the story...they have to film it, edit it, voice it, and look good doing it. They sacrifice their personal liberty far beyond any print journalist could.

Look where you're going with auto cameras or you may almost injure the 1st female governor of your state.

Teaching Religious Classes

People cling to basic concepts. Doctrine deep individuals you need  pay no mind to if they're simply flaunting their intelligence. Heck, pay no mind to anyone who flaunts their intelligence. That's called pride...and pride is stupid.

Working with Youth

They're mini adults, they listen and see your example. They're not yet old enough to make strong decisions but have strong opinions. They will absorb your ideals as a parent or a mentor so proceed with caution.

Having a Mentally Ill Mother

Don't judge people with disabilities. If you do, you are a douche. Some things are beyond our control, love can conquer even the worst circumstances.


Enjoy experiences, be kind, be giving, remember birthdays, send cards, don't share your drinks unless you want to get sick, always ask their opinion when shopping for shoes, their habits don't have to be your habits, send letters, travel to see them, don't judge them ever.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Image of our Nation

After the announcement that Osama Bin Ladin had been captured and killed. NYC
Okay, my blog posts are usually upbeat with a snarky twist. This one probably will be too...but I have to write about our current events. And the photo in this post. I stole this photo from www.cnn.com. It was given to them by Getty Images to be exact.

I want to pose a question with this photo: how many soldiers do you know that dress like this in their uniform? Isn't it a requirement that you be clean shaven in order to wear your camouflage/ACU?

Taking the issue even further. Did this kid realize he was representing his country when he put on this garment? I think perhaps he did. So I guess we're all hippies. I suppose I'm a bit extreme in my feelings about this photograph but it's unsettling, and I doubt I'm the only individual who feels this way. If the men at my private college had to trim their sideburns to take a test...this dude needs a hair cut.