Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kids Are Fat Without A "PH"

I recently read an article about Michelle Obama and how she discovered her daughter was considered "overweight".

Ok, no it may not have been the brightest idea to publicize what her doctor said about her daughter. On the contrary, parents need to stop force feeding chemical ridden-sugar surged-genetically modified-starchy-salty-junk to their children.

Maury Povich should never be able to find that many fat babies in this nation. Good for Michelle Obama for finally telling parents the cold hard news. No you shouldn't feed your child soda, Mcdonalds, or doughnuts on a regular basis. How can you ever justify giving your six year old a burger with more than one patty?

Children are growing beings. They need nutritional food. Furthermore, agriculture in the U.S. has geared itself towards producing this awful food so parents are not only uninformed but can't afford good food once they know what to purchase.

So send your children OUTSIDE to play. Give them an apple instead of a bag of chips. Don't assume just because it says "Whole Grain" on the box of Fruit Loops that it's good for your child. And please become an example to your children by eating better yourself. They emulate you and your habits.

Below is the link to the article and a video of Michelle talking candidly about being the 1st Lady. I think she's doing a swell job so far despite what her husbands plate entails.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GPS-Guiding Perfect Stupidity

I've decided that if you're purchasing a GPS during this current technological age, you're an idiot.

You're probably asking...why?

Well now you're a double idiot.

A run of the mill GPS system costs around $200.00. I found one that was upwards of $500.00

Are you kidding me? One of the specs on this overpriced talking junk actually read "built in GPS antenna". I sure hope there's some kind of built in antenna so some rude british woman can mock me as I turn right.

The biggest reason why you're not intelligent a person if you buy a GPS is because it's offered or "built in" to most cell phones.
And here's a kicker...if you buy an iPhone with a new plan you're only paying roughly $200.00. But instead of just having the coolest GPS (with a little blue dot that follows you as you drive), you also get a camera, phone, ipod, and other useful apps.

Oh, you're not an iPhone person? Ok. Chances are if you own a cell phone then you can have cheap/free GPS.

But by all means, please pay hundreds of dollars just so that brit can call you a wanker.