Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blackish Brown & Red

So I spent way too much money getting my hair cut and dyed. Here's a pic! I love it!

Online Dating Sites

So I've had two roommates meet their EC's and true loves online. I still can't do it. I cannot bring myself to meet someone I've never met before.

What happened to letters? I miss letters. No one writes letters anymore. It used to be that if you were bored and loser-like you would get what they call a "Pen-Pal" not with Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, LDS Mingle, and online dating sites...people just let the personality profiles choose their suitable suitors.

What about the perverts? I was bored one day and watched "To Catch a Preditor" for two hours. I couldn't believe that people were actually sick enough to do something so crude with a child. Furthermore, they were stupid enough to bring booze and show up even after they seen the show before. I don't want to end up with one of those white trash toothless drunkards. Granted some of them don't fit the physical profile I just mentioned...but on the inside they're still trash.

Beyond perverts there are other types of men that seem to pop up online. The ones who were married for a few months and then realized that they only married for one reason and now all they want to do is get out. So they do, then they realize that they can't get back in because no one wants a divorcee.

Then there are those motor sports, Nascar lovin, artery clogging, full bearded, "full bodied", fishers of fish who just want a women who will break down and buy a tweety bird steering wheel cover to match his Taz bumper sticker.

Finally, if you're LDS then you know the ones who are looking for their ultimate wify online. The one who will seriously sew him a quilt everytime he's cold and bake "Apple Crisp" every night of the week. Women...be ware these men, they will seek you out and bear their 6 page long online testimonies to you quickly followed by a two week engagement.

So...I guess I have to say that I don't think much of online dating. I won't lie when I say I've joined something or other for fun...but for fun is all. I can't ever agree to meet or enjoy the company of a man who might be hiding something awkward in his closet like figurines or a bag of hair.

My man from online! Woot! Just kidding of course!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Um...Almost Done...Uh-Oh

So the Summer Semester is over and now I am getting ready to start my final semester in college this Fall. I thought it would take me forever, I still think it will take me forever.

People have been asking me what I'm going to do after I graduate. I think it's fair to tell you I don't have many plans as of yet. I do plan to go back to Vermont and rot for a while so I can figure out my life.

While I rot in Vermont I plan to work at the same place I have worked at for the past 7 years in between high school and college. Those of you who actually know me know where that place is. But please...don't judge. I would actually be making as much there as I would be working for much better places.

Honestly, it's nice to do some menial work once and a while. It helps you remember who you really are and why you don't want to be stuck in that job forever. A few months working there and I'll be ready to move on to anything better. Everything seems dynamic after empanadas. Or, maybe I'll stay a while longer. Regardless...it's my decision and I made it for a reason.

Tentatively there are a few things I want to accomplish after I graduate. I want to see the world. As a journalist I think it's important to actually understand the things you're discussing with the world.

I also want to pursue photography, music, and my writing. Those are all things that are so important to me but somehow I never push past the simple meanderings of my web page.

Anyhow...this is lame...but I'm not, so, don't doubt my ambition.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Writer and the Lie

So I would like to tell you a story about this book. It's one of the most taught and most banned books in the country. It's controversial and a lot of people dislike the language used in the text.

Now, there was an incident on my campus that brings raging fury into my fiery passionate existence. I will start by telling you that there is a swear about every 8 words or so but it's not the F word and can easily be skimmed over so you can understand the major tenants of the book.

The incident was brought to my attention when a classmate of mine from American Literature went to check out the book in our university library. She checked out both copies. When she opened both copies she was appalled to find out that EVERY swear word in the ENTIRE text was CROSSED OUT.

I would like to know what pathetic excuse for a human being spends the time to cross out hundreds of words in a literary work of art?

Not only it is a waste of time but that person must be so angry and judgemental to take the time to fill the books with strips of permanent marker.

Please please. If you don't want to read The Catcher in the Rye, don't. If you don't want to read any other literary work with swearing or questionable material, don't. But please don't ruin the experience for someone else. Free agency is free for a reason.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Office

I love the British and the American version of The Office...but I didn't know about this version?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Beauty of "B" Town

So...not many people know where I am from. I hale from Burlington, Vermont. Well...I was born in Falmouth, Massachusetts but Vermont is where I've lived since I was 2. So...below are some photos NOT TAKEN BY ME of where I'm from. Someday I'll post some great photos that are taken by me.


Above is a photo of Lake Champlain. It's a huge lake. I live across the street from it and it's beautiful in the summer and winter!

Here is Church Street. It's where you go to shop, eat, mingle, and enjoy the sun! There are many great hippie sightings here too!

Here's more Church Street in the winter time!

Finally...a sunset!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I love I-News

I've been doing I-News ( ) for years now and I love it very much. It has helped me grow as a reporter, producer, director, and all around leader. I've seen a lot of students in the program and every one of them is bright and motivated. My favorite part of the job is watching these students go on to get wonderful internships and careers in the industry.

I think I-news is a hidden jewel among byui. Not many students know about it but it is a great way to find out things about campus that you wouldn't have even though existed. We also have footage of stuff that no one else has...even local stations.

I'm not saying all this to boast or advertise...I am just simply grateful.
So...if you're bored I encourage you to watch inews because there are many students who are working really hard in the dungeon of the Spori to put together this show.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Hey Everyone!
I launched a brand new website for myself...

Please check it out! It has pieces of my portfolio. Pieces like writing, photography, and even a newscast and short film I anchored!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pudding

I would like to tell you why I enjoy pudding.

Pudding doesn't have an opinion about anything. It's solid enough to make a difference but soft enough to go down smooth. Pudding likes all movies and all books and will stand by you.

Pudding can combine itself with other flavors. Pudding doesn't mind sharing it's cup just as long as each flavor has it's space in the cup.

Pudding doesn't care what political affliation you are. Pudding stays on its own side of the cup and knows what flavor it is.

Pudding even has its own blog called "The Daily Dish" pudding is very cynical in its blog...especially about matters of the heart.

If you ever need a creamy sholder to cry on...pudding is there. But please be nice to pudding because if you aren't pudding might stain your favorite sweater. Even worse, if you ignore pudding then pudding will mold and spoil. No one wants pudding to be spoiled, it's more demanding that way.

So as you go about your day don't forget pudding. It's womens best friend.