Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pride Wants You

Yes, Uncle Sam wants you, but pride wants you more. I am so sick of everyone encompassed about themselves. I am sick of the greedy "me want" attitudes from children. I am sick of the parents that teach their children it's okay to hold grudges. I am sick of people not forgiving each other. I am sick of women thinking $65,000 weddings are necessary. I find it disgusting that shows like Jersey Shore actually exist. Shows about over tan materialistic morons who spend their days partying and attempting to boil water.

Society needs to take a sharp right turn. We need to start looking in the mirror. Who is the person you're becoming? Are you going out of your way to help people on a daily basis? Are you trying to progress yourself for the better? Or, are you squandering the resources God and humanity have given you?

I would also like to speak of the worst side of pride. Being unable to forgive. You're not hurting the other person when you don't forgive them. They will go on and live their life. You will continue to hold a grudge for the rest of yours. It can eat away at your heart and waste good moments in your life. In a job interview I was once asked the question "what would your enemies say about you?". This should be hard to answer. You shouldn't have enemies. Or, very few. Sometimes it's even feasible to ask forgiveness even when you're not at fault. You're asking forgiveness for holding hard thoughts towards the other party. Even if that other person was the root cause of the problem.

But what if you're already part of the problem and not the solution? Make friends. What? What do you mean make friends? Get to know everyone. The single mother, the popular woman, the intelligent friend, the youthful co-worker, the businessman, the grandparent. Get to know them all. Learn about them and their challenges. This will help you better sympathize with others. You will then be able to forgive them more easily. And your prideful comments will turn into moments of gratitude for the people that make this world what it aught to be.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Next, Turn Right

I have finally figured out the way I learn. How did I figure this out? One new job, two trips to Palmyra, NY, and many mistakes in the past few months.

Starting a new job can be challenging. Starting a new job twice in a year is a bit annoying. I was frustrated with myself on so many levels recently. Why? Because I was making mistakes and then was explained how to solve said mistakes even though I already knew what I did and how to resolve it.

Why did this happen to me? I follow the "Next, turn right" skill set for learning. I don't learn by watching someone else. I don't learn from listening persay. I learn from straightforward directions. In my mind all things are taught like a mapquest map. Next, turn right 100 miles.

So why did I write this? Why am I telling you this? Who cares if Christal gets lost, that's what her phone GPS is for.

Well, I write this because it's important that we all know how we best learn. If we can convey that to an employer, spouse, roommate, or friend, we instantly become more productive.

So, next time you venture to do something...think about how you learn. You might avoid asking the smelly gas station attendant with a name patch that reads "earl" how to get back to Vermont.