Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Democratic National Convention

Well my journey is finally over for the summer. Now it's time to get ready for school. But before I do I have to write about my meanderings at the convention.

Honestly it was some of the easiest and hardest work I've ever done. Hard because I was exhausted. I pulled 10-11 hour days and most of it involved the following...

Aug. 21st


Woke up and me my counterparts at the Pepsi Center. Security wasn't bad...there was no "perimeter" that I had to pass to get to the center.

We looked around at our workspace...crap. We were put inside a display with excersize bikes. We decided to make the best of it.

We ate lunch at Brauns. Brauns is where the Fox News Channel, Fox News Radio, & were set up. We broadcast from Brauns and the Pepsi Center as well as Invesco on Thursday.

Aug. 22nd

I don't remember when I woke but all I do remember about this day was putting up banners. Lots and lots of banners.

Aug. 23rd

Oye! The fun begins! I woke early this day and got to the "perimiter" it was NUTS. There were protestors and security galore! I spent the day going in and out of the primeter getting affiliates and making sure they had credentials. Then I gave tours of the places they were broadcasting from.

Aug. 25th-Aug. 27th

My days started at noon at the Pepsi Center. Celebrities, delegates, and random guests filled the Pepsi Center. By day I was helping affiliates book guests. By night I was Alan Colmes bodyguard and runner. Ha. Over the course of these days I met Dennis Kucinich who I am proud to say is one of the nicest men I've ever met! Seriously!

I also got scorned by ted copple because he started to walk towards me and I was holding my camera. I think he thought I was going to take a picture of he said "uh uh uh". I was not happy...but got over it pretty fast.

On Wednesday night we got booned, and given the finger by people who didn't like Fox News.

Aug. 27th

This is the day that Barack Obama spoke at Invesco. By this time NO ONE was in the Pepsi Center anymore except for Radio Row which is where all of the conservative talk shows were located. As you might have guess we weren't the punch of the party. I was extreamly bored and listened to Colmes entire radio show live that night. He used to be a stand up comedian and his show is actually pretty good. The reason I wrote the nasty anti-republican blog was because of all of the genius people who called in to Alan's show that night.

Aug. 28th

This was the day that nothing happened. I went into work at 12pm on Thursday (yesterday) and came in on Friday at 5am, although I was supposed to be there at 3am but I waited TWO HOURS for a cab that never came. I ended up taking an early bus.

By 11am the whole set was down and it was like we were never there. I wandered around downtown Denver until I could barely stand. I had been up for 27 hours. I finally got back to the place I was staying and went to sleep.

Aug. 29th

Flew back to Idaho. My computer screen got smashed when it fell over in my bag while I was waiting for a bus.


I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot too. I felt really lonely at times. I realized I like to work in TV rather than radio. I met a lot of cool radio affiliates. I now know that Hillary's delegates got the shaft!

That's it...

Ted Copple

Roger from KOGO with the heavy weight champ!


It astounds me that some people will still open their mouths. Do they know what they're saying? Do they realize other people are listening?

My recent thoughts about ignorance came about while lIstening to the general public open up their republican atriums. You may disown my friendship after I say this, but I state it as an experienced fact: the most ignorant people I've ever known were republicans. The rest were people who didn't know what party they were. After discussing the values of each party with them, they make their decision. "I guess I'm a republican"

This is not to say there aren't ignorant democrats. But let's think about it...democrats seek more change than republicans as a general rule. Many republicans think things shouldn't change. So if we're ever evolving, but not changing, where does that get us? Nowhere.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Muslims, Mormons, and Misconceptions

I would just like to state: I am sick and tired of "verbally opinionated yet stupid" individuals.

I can understand when someone doesn't have knowledge of a subject. An example would be when you don't understand a math problem or don't know the words to a song. Unfortunately, there are some people who think they know about something and voice their opinions on the subject but turn out to be severely mistaken. This problem or sickness I have created an acronym for and that acronym is VOYS (pronounced like 'voice') which stands for "Verbally Opinionated Yet Stupid".

So who are the worst victims of VOYS? Muslims, Mormons, African Americans, basically anyone who has been oppressed, those are the victims of VOYS. Why? Because many people will say something they believe is true before researching it. A lot of these people get their sources from the media. Some might read books. The worst perpetrators get their information from "a friend of a friend".

What happens when VOYS activists speak out? They begin to oppress people. The best example of bad knowledge is the treatment of good Muslims in America. These people are a very good group of individuals. They are clean, moral, and deeply rooted in their faith. They are faithful to their wives, they AREN'T violent, they abstain from alcohol and other substances, they don't believe in pre-marital sex, they're much like other good religions in America. Unfortunately their radical brothers in the East ruined the worlds overall perception of them. Many Americans are disrespectful to Muslims without ever learning what their faith is really about. They begin to have VOYS opinions and thus perpetuates fear and verbal abuse of a good people.

Mormons are also persecuted by those who practice VOYS opinions. Here are some facts and fiction of MY religion that should be known.

True: Mormons are Christians. We believe in Jesus Christ.

False: We do not believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalen.

True: Mormons read the King James Version of the Bible.

False: We do not currently practice polygamy.

True: For a short period of time in the Mid 1800's some members of the LDS faith practiced polygamy. This was after the Saints had crossed the country. These saints were called pioneers. Many women didn't have husbands and/or sons to take care of them because they lost them on the trek West.

True: The proper and actual name for the Mormon church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You may call a member of the church a Mormon, however, the more commonly used term is to say that someone is "LDS"

False: The church does not back or support any political party.

True: We do have Temples throughout the world.

False: They are not "Secret", rather we say they're sacred. Anyone can go into the temple if they live, and agree to live, a worthy life and join the LDS church.

True: We abstain from drinking coffee, tea, alcohol, and partaking in substance abuse and illegal drugs.

Basically all I want to say is that before you open your mouth about something your research. You never know if the person you're speaking with is a victim of your VOYS comments. Finally, my comments do not mean I associate with any certain political party, candidate, or radical notion. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however, my religion does not dictate any certain views or political notions I have or believe. This is merely an objective rambling of my thoughts.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Campaign Parody Videos

So I thought that it would be a positive good in the world if I shared some funny campaign videos with you! Enjoy!

This man is the next greatest presidential impersonator.

And this one is hott!

But don't forget Hillary!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Favorite Things

So I thought I would post about some of my favorite things. The last time I wrote some of my fave things they consisted of the color "baby blue" and "Celine Dion". Let's just say I've changed a lot.

1. Hair products. I love Aussie Mousse, it smells AMAZING. Also, anything Biologe

2. BRC's Frozen Custard. It's like eating sweet buttery ice cream. It'll give you thighs of thunder but it's so great!

3. My MAGIC BULLET. It's like a mini blender and it's wonderful. You can make smoothies way fast.

4. The demolition derby. It is a great place to dress white trash, eat junk, and chill with friends.

5., newsvine is a great website where you can view all kinds of news from various freelance writers or from the professionals like the AP.

6. iPod Touch. I love it! And now you can add applications so I can have cool things on it like local news and tetris.

Well, that's all for now. I was going to do 10 but I don't feel like it, and after is my blog. Enjoy, and try these things!