Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things You Didn't Know About Me And Probably Don't Really Care About But Will Continue To Read Because You Think I'll Reveal A Life Secret

1. I just watched three episodes of "The City" and am still wondering who actually believes people our age live like that.

2. I want to be a cast member of SNL.

3. I am a good singer but I hide it because I am scared to put myself out there and I can't play an instrument.

4. I can't get through "New Moon". It's terribly boring.

5. I like my job at Taco Bell because I love people watching. What better place to people watch then in a mall food court?

6. Boyfriend? What boyfriend? Oh, I'm sorry...did you see him? Could you give him my number?

7. I am not a good driver.

8. I absolutely love granola.

9. I have a sister. Her name is Erin and she is AMAZING! A lot of people think I was raised as an only child because they've never met her and don't pay attention when I mention her. Which I do. Often. For good reasons.

10. My entire family is from Massachusetts. Everyone back as far as the early mid 1800's. My parents broke the mold. (oops, except my sister)

11. I break the mold.

12. I shop too much for things I don't need. I recently bought a Red Sox hat because I thought I would wear it but realized that I don't really wear hats.

13. I am pissed that Jewel started singing country music and I think she is a sell out.

14. I don't like country music.

15. One of my favorite things to do is discover a new restaurant.

16. I could spend my life traveling and living in hotel rooms. I would be perfectly happy. Please find me that job.

17. I believe that real musicians write their own music. The ones who don't are merely singers.

18. I think if I actually spent some time writing material I could be a fairly good stand-up comedian.

19. The one time I actually did stand-up was when I wrote my material in an hour. I also only tried out because no other girls had tried out.

20. I am terribly loyal and feel awful when I let friends or anyone down. Sometimes I even distance myself from them because I feel so bad.

21. I could live on chicken lo mein.

22. Rexburg Idaho does not have good pizza anywhere in the entire town.

23. I felt trapped at BYUI but I still think it's an amazing school and would recommend it to anyone!

24. I contradict myself often.

25. Sometimes I say I do or don't like something because I don't want to be the same as the person I'm talking to.

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Sarah Beu said...

Those were really interesting to read! I agree with #4 - I stopped halfway through and never picked it up again.