Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fame or Lame?

Tonight I watched a segment on Nightline about celebrity stalkers. The best part was the profile they did on Morgan Fairchild. Seriously? What is her stalker thinking? Morgan Fairchild is a very nice woman. I've met her before. But of all the celebrities to stalk, why Morgan?

This got me to thinking past celebrity stalkers into real life. Unlike these stalkers (who usually have some form of mental illness), what is our obsession with fame? With money?

I narrowed it down to one evening. One single solitude moment when all the sleep deprivation, multiple births, social networking, and debt are worth it.

It's the high school reunion.

Yup. It will closely walk behind you like Peter Pans shadow until ten years post graduation hits and you go into a week long early-life crisis.

Your inner thoughts might go something like this...

"What have I done with my life? Does Sally Stetson have more children than me? I bet Joey is fat? Oh I hope he's fat. What if he's not? What if Mary isn't fat? Someone told me she was fat...or was it thin? Maybe she's thin because she does coke? I drink too much Coke. I need to stop or my teeth might not be white enough for the reunion. White teeth...Lucy had really nice teeth. And nice shoes, accessories, jewelry. Oh gosh! Ok...well at least she isn't married. I've got that one on her. Or do I? It has been ten years. But Sally Stetson said she's still meeting men in Barbados? But she could still be married? Ah. What should I say? Do? Wear? And most importantly...who's car am I going to borrow?"

Let's put it this way. It's been 5 years for me. I don't plan on putting on a show and I don't really care if I'm famous. But I will wear a nice pair of heels.

Below is a photo of me and Morgan Fairchild. In case you care about those things.

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