Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The World Revolves Around Me. Right?

I've encountered some interesting people in my life. The ones that make me giggle the most are the ones who truly believe they're the center of the universe.

I've created a visual representation in case you are one of those people and cannot understand.

The thing about these unique people is that their self-infatuation is an art form. They can sneak in overly personal information into any conversation.

Me: "Hey how are you today?"

Judy Universe: "I'm great. I actually just got a ticket. I got a pulled over last week too, but I got off because I knew the cop. He was my grandfathers cousins brother. His name is Earl. Earl and I use to go to High School together. That was before I got kicked out for possetion of 15oz of pot. But that's okay because Dale got me a job over at the gas station. I'm working with Terri now. She's a pretty good boss except she doesn't give me any time off. That's alright though because the kids are moving out soon. But they still both have car payments. They got their cars up at that Ford dealership near the Jiffy Lube. It's right next to where my grandfathers cousins brother lives".

Me: "Wow. I'm sorry. Have a great day!"

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