Sunday, February 8, 2009

Silence Isn't Golden

I've decided that America has a problem with communication.

It isn't that we don't communicate. It's that we communicate too much. In fact, our over communication has made silence painful.

I cannot live in silence. There must always be something. A radio, TV, or even my iPod when I'm indoors. I am constantly surrounded by speaking or listening of some kind.

Today I noticed how it became a problem. A friend was trying to talk to me. Trying to get his point across. I couldn't stand long enough for him to keep the conversation going. There was a moment of silence and I used it as an excuse to escape, just in case another moment of silence came back to strangle me.

There was nothing wrong with what we were discussing. It was a pretty simple conversation. But it was taking too long for me so I shut him down. I suppose you could call it a form of conversation A.D.D on my part.

Below is a photo of me during conversation lulls.

An opposite situation happened this weekend. I met a lot of great people. Some friends and some people I hadn't met before. There was no lull in conversation and I could keep it flowing for a long time. It was fun. So to wrap up this post I guess I have to say that there truly are introspective and more passive people. I am not one of those. I am active. And talkative. And Loud. And funny. And I won't apologize for it. Because when it comes down to it. The best thinkers in the world had to learn how to talk so they could convey their thoughts. And those thoughts created history.

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