Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hey! I'm Mormon...whoops...

Recently I haven't cared about what people think when I say I'm Mormon. Gosh golly gee, I have something to believe in! Thank goodness I don't think I'm a waste of space in society. I (personally) know why I'm on this earth. Which, by the way, is pretty freaking cool.

Earthquakes? Yeah, they'll happen. Am I scared? Well, a little. But honestly, I'm glad I have faith and I'm not afraid to share my beliefs.

But...I do want you to be aware, if you don't agree, that is OKAY WITH ME! If you're happy, then you're happy. I won't push my religion on you. I really won't. But I will surely answer your questions.

Anyhow, this is a bit of a rant since it is 3:00am and I decided to pull an all nighter to take my very awesome friend to the airport after her original flight was canceled. That friend sparked the writing of this post, because she was been so patient as I rambled on about my religion, and not because I wanted to convert her, mostly because I just like to talk. Perhaps I even talk too much in my blog? I digress.

Well, after reading this...if you're wondering what I believe, there's a linky you can click on, or not. It is your decision.

Have a great day! I will spend mine in a sleep deprived stupor with an IV of Diet Coke hooked to my arm.

I'm a Mormon.


semprelibri said...

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Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

i just want to say that i like the facebook advertisement showing your profile and the caption "i don't want to eat eat eat apples and banoo..." it cuts it off there, but i know the rest and it made me laugh audibly. i have nothing to say about the actual blog post except that i agree it is comforting to have a personal belief of purpose for existence.