Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Drink The Better Water

This morning I had one of those things everyone hopes of having when they work in an office. Yes, it was an epiphany. This happened when I went to fill my two water bottles for the day.

You see recently I've been hung up on the quality of life. More dating, more money, more clothes, more time, more tweets. And such is the case with most in their mid twenties. But it really shouldn't be, this is the time for quality.

Which brings me back to the water bottles. There are two options for filtered water in my office building. One is a regular fountain which takes too long to run and the water quality is a bit poor. The other is farther from my desk, it's a little bit harder to fill the bottles since there's no drain below said spout which is hooked to the a refrigerator. However, when walking farther to this refrigerator the quality of the water is much better.

So this is a small example of quality. But quality is so overlooked nowadays. I mean have you seen Jersey Shore? That cast walked out of an online ad for www.genericcrapwestillcan' which by the way is a free domain if you want it.

And so I go upon my life journey. I will begin to save my money once again. I will buy expensive shoes, and that coat that will take me a year to pay off but last me five. I will take care of my car and eat good food so the warranty on my body doesn't run out as fast as those smokers in the trailer park. And one day when I have the financial means to afford Burberry and $12 a plate is an afterthought I will look back and say to myself, boy...I'm glad I chose the better water.


Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

What about the smokers who live everywhere else? Don't they have a short lease on life, too?

Chris"TAL" said...


They'll smarten up by their mid thrities and get the patch which eventually lead to those fake electronic ciggarettes and then a drinking problem.