Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

So, I've decided to go back to my old Blogger template. I don't like the fresh art decco template I was using previously. Something about it is impersonal and screams literary snob.

I'd like to write about my Christmas. It was simply wonderful. I don't usually get too personal in my I won't. I'll recap on this holiday in broad terms and speak specifically about my gifts.

I received...

A. Space heater
B. Necklace

Okay...I won't list out all of my gifts. However, I'd like to say that this year was the best Christmas I've had in many years. I didn't have to finish finals and fly home. I had a boyfriend. Oh, I did not hate my job, or have to work in the mall, and had enough money to get something swell for most of the people I care about. Emphasis on "most". I'm no Rockefeller.

Some things I'd like to touch upon for the future...

1. Make a list of the gifts you're buying and who you're buying them for. This would've been really helpful.

2. Give others a list, or post something online. Don't let people go all hay wire on the gift giving unless you want footie PJ's of the adult variety. That being said...those people who gave me gifts without knowing what I wanted did an AMAZING job this year!

3. If you receive a gift...effing say THANK YOU! Doesn't matter if you're superior to that person in any way. A simple THANK YOU will mean quite a bit. Oh...yes...the phrase is THANK YOU! *This comment is not intended for any of my friends/roomie as they all did show ample gratitude for the items received*

4. Have some variety in your Christmas music selections. Might I suggest the Sister Hazel Christmas playlist on

5. Don't be like me and send a mass number of pre-designed Christmas cards with no special written message on them. As I received cards from my friends I felt like a scrooge for the card I sent them. For that I am sorry!!!! Also, I may have missed some of you as I created a FB event to send cards and if you didn't get your address to me on FB then you likely didn't get a card.

6. When will the entertainment industry come out with a Christmas movie that trumps National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?

Happy New Year!

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