Thursday, January 5, 2012

You're Killing Orphans

I'd like to proclaim in this blog post that the Kardashians are killing orphans.

Yes, that's a strong statement. How, do you ask, are they killing orphans? All right. The Kardashians are not literally killing orphans...but that is what I think of when I see how much money they waste on useless crap like their giant homes with an unnecessary amount of rooms and bathtubs.

As you watch the show (yes I'm guilty) you see them cut from one girls family home to another. Of course it makes sense that as the "K-Gals" get married they procure a home. But does it have to be the size of one of the embassy's in D.C.?

This brings me to the orphans. Mother Teresa had nothing but the glasses on her face, her bible, and the clothes on her back...yet she was living in ultimate bliss. She traveled the world visiting the impoverished and helped so many even though she had nothing.

Don't get me wrong. I love to shop. But if I had unlimited funds you better believe I'd be booking a trip overseas to hand out some Gucci to the needy. Or, perhaps helping those in U.S. community? The Kardashians could feed hundreds every month with the cash they spend to gas up their Escalades.

This isn't to just knock the Kardashians. I'm referencing all reality TV stars who aren't contributing real art and are getting paid to run their polished yappy mouths. I'm okay with paying money for cable to pay for hard working actors who spend hours a day slaving over script memorization and building the essence of the characters they're trying to portray. I'm also all right with paying journalists a decent wage.

Oh...wait...let me rant about that for a moment. A journalist makes on average $20,000-$30,000 a year if they're lucky. According to Kim Kardashian made $40,000 per episode! Putting her net worth around 35 million. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Dead orphans. No excuses.

Find out more about Kims wealth here:


"Bri Dream" said...

Bahaha. How can we not love the Kardashians...even a little bit. They should create a charity for orphans called Keeping up with the Kause... Maybe...maybe not? It's getting to late...

Engaging Disaster said...

I nearly fell off my chair reading about the Kardashians killing orphans....
Good read, I needed that laugh too. lol