Saturday, December 3, 2011

How exactly are we occupying Vermont?

I've tried to ignore this movement. I've tried to move on with my life as a part of the 99% and not make a stink, or even make a point of trying to understand what I thought were the intricate details of this large and vast movement throughout the United States.

Now I'm annoyed. I was flipping through the channels on my basic digital cable and saw that one of the local government channels was airing a meeting from the Occupy Vermont movement from November 12th, just after one of the Occupy Vermont protesters committed suicide in Burlington's City Hall Park.

I was intrigued and began watching. Now let me be VERY clear. This post is not about what the "Occupy" movement is about, but rather how unbelievably disorganized and chaotic it has become.

The photo affixed to this post is of one of the moderators of this meeting. As you can see, he clearly believes that it's okay to make a physical public statement, nor does he feel proper grooming is necessary to be a productive member of society. He also really wants a hug. I kept watching and realized that there were a few other men that didn't feel shaving was a standard in society.

Grooming isn't my real concern however, the blatant redundant conversation and disorganization of their discussion was nonsense. The use of phrases and words like "friendly amendment" "resolution" "proposal" "clarifying question" along with different hand gestures to clarify statements created a room full of chaotic over-discussion and lack of real understanding among the parties involved.

After watching for about an hour, it seemed the only "resolution" they had made was to understand what the police were actually doing to the crime scene at City Hall Park, and where to move their tents. I realized that if our American government went to this form of policy creation...nothing would get accomplished. I've decided to give our Occupy Vermonter's a couple of tips.

1. Take a shower, shave, and match your clothes. Some of you look normal and thus will carry more weight among other constituents that don't understand your viewpoints. BUT if you look like a schizophrenic blues musician you're more unlikely to garner a response from the working class...AND the 1% whom you really need to convince.

2. Make a printed agenda beforehand. Give people the opportunity to submit their topic ideas, give them the option to vote online even, but have your plan ready ahead of time before you meet. This will reduce the time you spend simply voting on why you've even shown up to the meeting.

3. Write a bill. I still have no idea specifically what you want except more money. However, that surprises me considering most of the people protesting look like they wouldn't know what to do with money even if they had any!

4. Gather in places that make sense. Go to the media outlets and make clear and defined statements, plant yourself for the afternoon outside city offices, or companies that have been embezzling money.

5. Use your age gap. During this occupy airing I viewed, the only people speaking were young college aged individuals. Perhaps you should appeal to all age groups? I don't hear occupiers talking a lot about retirement, pensions, and home buyers. If you want to fulfill the American need to appeal to all demographics.

6. Finally, what is wrong with the terms that have already been coined in our government? Why is the word amendment cruel? Why does it now have to be called a "friendly amendment"? Was it previously unfriendly? From what I learned in school, many of our amendments to the constitution gave more freedom to the American people. I don't think that is very unfriendly.

That is my two and a half cents. Please comment. 

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