Monday, December 28, 2009


They even made a movie about it. Starring that girl from the Gilmore Girls.

This is the decade of the "Postgrad".

People are so interested in what we're doing now. And, quite frankly, there are few things for us to do.

The job market is somewhat geared towards us for the time being. Since most of us are work-o-holics with no families and an endless supply of caffeine we're the prime employees to fill the cubicles of society.

Generally "Postgrad" only lasts for a couple years. Why? Because after a while we will fall into one of two categories.

The ones who understand what's important or crucial in their life, and the ones who don't.

Now you probably think it can't be that simple. But it can. You will eventually be the one to decide if you're a "Susie Homemaker", a true businessman or woman, a lover not a fighter, a world traveler or a suburban SUV owner. Whatever you happens post grad. Just make sure you know for sure before you make rash and unwise decisions. Weigh the pros and cons. And make this one question the premise of everything you decide...

What will truly make me happy?


Since this blog is still somewhat about me. An update...

I still work at Taco Bell. I've been there for...uh...we won't discuss that. I am the Assistant Manager and my job there consists of many things the least of which is actually making food.

I also work at WCAX-TV. I love it! I love working in news. I eventually want to report and produce. But since the market here is terrible I am working in production instead. The crew is fantastic. The image that they create is not a facade. They're good people to work for. My job there consists of running cameras, prompter, and tapes so far. If you watch any of the newscasts on the weekend evenings you'll see my name in the credits ;-)

I moved out of the perentals home in July and live in a condo in Essex. It's a great place to live and it's nice to have a place of your own to come home to. I have one roommate and she's pretty awesome.

I'm blogging because my boss sent me home from work because I was sick. I have a total life full of friends, work, and things to do yet I still find time to be on the internet way too much.

Oh, and I'm Mormon.


The Postgrad Chris"TAL"

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