Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Strength of Their Smiles

Why did I become a journalist? Why does news intrigue me? It's the strength behind the smile.

I am recently realizing how much effort many young people put into showing their smile. There is a part of my life in which I see youth on a regular basis who are going through very tough times in their lives. These people are mostly teenagers or in their early twenties. They are dealing with death, illness, poverty, sadness, and the list goes on.

Yet, each day they smile. Often I never even know what is going on in their lives unless they outright tell me.

And I am astonished.

Astonished that they can muster the courage to get up every morning and start it all over again. They are the parents, role models, providers, friends, and heroes in their own worlds.

This isn't to say that I did not have my own trials growing up. I did the same thing and garnered the same reaction out of people when they found out about my personal life. But I would also answer with a smile.

As I grow up I realize that the most courageous people don't wear capes, adopt ten babies from a foreign country, or stop global warming. They are those young souls who keep going even when they don't know what they're going for. They keep going and they keep others going too. And, eventually, they too will grow up and find out that everything is going to be okay...

And they will smile.

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Brittney Deanne said...

This was an awsome post, thanks for sharing. It made me think about my own attitude.... I hope you are well!! :)