Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P My Money

I was wondering if any of you remembered that dude who went to court for lewd acts against young boys. He was also in excessive debt and changed his face because he was really self absorbed and thought that it would be good to look like a pre-pubescent woman?

Oh yea. All of you remember. CNN remembers. Fox News remembers. TMZ really remembers. All local newspapers remember. All local TV networks remember. All reporters remember to run to all the local record stores and interview all the hippie employees that work in the record stores and who aren't old enough to even remember this strange man who would climb up trees and avoid the public eye while doing everything to get the public eye directly involved in his life. In fact I think he even tried to purchase the public eye from Sotheby's but it wasn't on sale. He was going to place the "public eye" in his ranch.

Well anyhow, that's going to be old news soon. What will hopefully hit the news soon are the things that are going on in the world. Pay attention to your paychecks. They're going to get a bit smaller. The positive side is that you might be able to breathe better in America. But probably not. Mostly because our pollution is circulated towards another country and thanks to the earth moving we get some other countries pollution. So in doesn't really matter what we do to lower our own pollution. We're just helping someone else.

Oh and foreign oil. Have we tried looking for some on the vast amounts of land we own? I heard South Dakota doesn't have a national park. I think they should find oil in their state and then declare it a national park. Just so I can pay more money.

Just some thoughts.


The Muffin Man and Ajax Report said...

The bit about other countries getting the benefit of our cleaned up act, I'm no scientist, but I think you hit it on the head. Meanwhile, it will be so expensive for any company to produce anything in America anymore so the few businesses that haven't outsourced to other countries will not outsource to other countries so they stay in business. Other countries don't have the same laws as we will now have, so these companies will leave the U.S. and build the cheapest, most pollutanist factories you ever seen and all of that pollution is going to circle back around on us and BAM!

As for Michael Jackson, I feel sorry for the guy, while he led an eccentric life, one that most of us would deem unhealthy in every sense of the word, I don't blame him, look at his childhood. Poor kid. That being said, please show us some real news, like the bills that are presented that will change every aspect of our lives as we know it.

If we go down, we go down together.

Andrew and Lauren said...

Actually I never heard about the guy. Maybe its because our TV doesn't pick up channels...