Sunday, June 7, 2009

American Priorities

I've come to realize recently that we have, as Americans, set our priorities in the wrong places.

The other night I was in the mood to watch a chick flick. Why do women do this to themselves? I decided that instead of feeding the unrealistic expectations of love I would rent an honest chick flick. Yes, I know my effort was in vain and a bit diluted.

I wandered over to the "New Releases" section of the store. I also think "New Release" movies are a bogus concept. The sign should probably read "These movies will be here for the next 15 years but if you'd like to pay more to watch it now then we'd be more than happy to take your money"

Anyhow, I succumbed to the stupidity of the new release and found myself standing in front of a wall of empty cases for the film "He's Just Not That Into You". There was one left. Fate perhaps. But while I was there I scanned the other rows of DVD's to see what else was in such high demand. Nothing. This film had been rented more than any other film.

What is happening with men, women, relationships, and their notions of what's correct? I can only believe that so many of these films were rented because too many women either can't take a hint and need to learn how, or, they're just depressed on a rainy day. I guess I'll assume the latter.

The second thing that I've found troubling is the fact that I've received more compliments on my weight loss than on finishing my college education. I didn't know it was harder to put down a Ho-Ho than it is to take six final exams in four days.

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