Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thanks to the 21st century there have been new developments in conversation.

One of these new developments is texting. No one really talks on the phone anymore. What's the point? You could do so much more during a text conversation then you could on the phone.

For example, on the phone you're not able to use the bathroom. Or do anything else that may be deemed foul background noise.

You also can't do other things on the phone. Things like making a quilt, seeding a garden, writing a novel, darning socks, teaching English as a second language, searching the night sky for UFO's, fulfilling your Phoenix online masters degree. Ya know, those things that every normal person does in their free time.

The only unfortunate problem with texting is "Textiquette". The understanding of how to have a proper texting conversation. There are some things you need to remember when holding a lengthy discussion with text messages.

1. The other person needs to understand the acronyms you're using. Things like LOL and ROFL or BRB are common place. Things like WHDELYABYFN which stand for "whatever, he doesn't even like you anymore because you're fat now" or WDWLMWRHLAPF "why don't women like men with receding hair lines and pet ferrets" are not acceptable acronyms.

2. Texting too fast. Just because they call you lightning in homeroom doesn't mean that grandma can keep up with your super human texty thumbs.

3. Don't leave the conversation hanging. I understand you can get side tracked. But did you die? Why can't you just answer my question? How do you expect me to speak to you in real life when you can't formulate a response? That's like going to a drive thru and never getting the food you ordered.

So there you go. Follow those three easy steps to texting and you're on your way to more great and meaningful relationships in your inbox.

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