Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Things

It's come to my recent realization that the last few blog posts I've written have been fiercely negative. Well, negative to me. I'm quite a positive person. I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my favorite things, websites, this blog post. I hope you enjoy these things too...

1. Mastercuts. The price is low and they do an amazing job on my hair. If you live near Burlington, VT then ask for Sarah, she's the manager and da bomb!
This is the cut circa November 2011

2. SnackTools. This site helps you create some cool digital items for your marketing. I created a flipbook with the eDOC style guide I created! Visit their site here

3. Twitter. I've been using this a lot lately as people get annoyed with me posting on FB. You can find me @cc636

5. TuneIn Radio. This iPhone App is AMAZING! I found my college radio station on here, and a sweet mash-ups station too! (Download the app here)

4. My Mr. Okay, cheesy, I know...but as of lately, he is one of my favorites! 

We dressed alike for a holiday party. Our goal was to win an ugly sweater contest, although we were the only ones who really dressed up. The boy on the shirt is the little guy from "A Christmas Story", also one of my favorite things. 

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Eric and Hannah said...

You and your Mr are such a cute couple and I'm happy he makes you so happy!