Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where The Sun Shouldn't Shine

I think sometimes the sun shines in the wrong locations for people. Take for example the photo I took above. I took this photo in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. I do not think Sarah Palin should be associated with the Bible. Just because she professes to read it doesn't mean they fall under the same caliber. Quite frankly I believe it acts as a very ostentatious paper weight on her coffee table.

Other places the sun should NOT shine...

Brides who want to compete for plastic surgery for their wedding. For copy write reasons I won't name the name of this show but it rhymes with vital-nasty. And nasty is what it is. Do woman really need to pull a Michael Myers hack job on their bodies for the sake of one over priced day of luxury?

The sun also shouldn't shine on parents who let their kids eat whatever they want. I am so sick of this. YOUR KID IS GETTING FAT. Did you know this? Do you not watch Maury Povich? OBESE BABIES!!!! They are ridiculously interesting to watch on reality TV but not something you should cultivate for the neighborhood side show.

Oprah. The sun should dim a little over Oprah. A co-worker of mine brought up a good point the other day. Does Oprah really need her face on EVERY cover of her own magazine? Do you think perhaps we're sick of staring at her air-brushed bleached teeth?

I also believe the sun shouldn't shine on douche bags. Men that are just jerks. The one's that don't quite care about your reaction to their hairy grunts and ignorant disgusting comments. Men who spend 90% of their time at the gym for the soul purpose of being able to say to promiscuous woman that they spend 90% of their time at the gym. The men who text you at 2:30am thinking you'll actually respond to their request to "hang out". DB's need not exist.

Please post below other places where you feel the sun shouldn't shine (excluding anatomy please)


Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

Congress members who earn 4 times the average yearly income of police officers.

Teachers who hide behind a union and tenure while they just bide their time until retirement, kowtowing to those who pay their check so that they are left alone to wallow in crapulent teaching.

Arrogant people who are unwilling to look at anything from another side than their own. You don't have to give up what you believe in order to see something from another angle. Rather than just saying I know this because I know it, so I don't need to consider anything else, they could say, I feel I know this, but perhaps there is another angle that can help me know it better.

Lastly, for now, the sun shouldn't shine on overpayed celebrity "news" purveyors and peddlers.

That's what I think, anyway.

Julia said...

"Inspirational" and Sarah Palin DEFINITELY DO NOT MIX! Blah......I wanted to puke when I saw that!

The Sun shouldn't shine on ANY reality shows! I fail to find anything remotely "real" about them!

The Sun really shouldn't shine on our society at large! There are far too many examples to list here!

itsUnotme said...

the sun should not shine on:
1. vapid, over exposed socialites whose only accomplishment is existing.
2. parents whose kids spend 12 hours in daycare and then another 2 while they workout at the gym
3. anyone who thinks that its okay to pimp out your 3 year old and enter her into pageants.