Saturday, February 26, 2011

The 21st Century Man

I have yet to figure out who exactly is the 21st century man. I am perplexed at understanding men these days. I've heard talk of men being so simple. Guys like one thing right? Nope, they really don't. I feel that currently men have the attention span of a walnut. Women, on the other hand, are vastly becoming more educated, successful, and all that blady blah. As we women become a mixed bag of intelligence, beauty, and charisma...the 21st century man doesn't know how to deal with us!

These men now have questions...
Does she want a relationship? What is a modern relationship? Should I be a student, father, businessman? What if women don't want those things? Can I make a career out of what I really enjoy? Do hot chicks dig guys who play video games? Is "Just for Men" okay if you're in your twenties?

And the list goes on. Insecure isn't a word I throw around very often...but that's what so many 21st century men are becoming. Well I say grow a set...of nice cufflinks! Go for what you want. Jump into life! Date those women and work at those jobs that make you bald. Society will be a lot better off with a lot less pansys.

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Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

I am a man in my late twenties and I approve this message.

The balance of power is shifting. There isn't any problem with geneder equality, but that isn't want is sought after. It is rooted in conflict. Women were oppressed and the only way to remedy that is to oppress the former oppressors. Well, that isn't true, but it seems to be the conflict theorist's way. Men and women are a team, one isn't inately better than the other. They are not complete separately, not to sound all Barbie and Ken, but it is together in a marriage relationship that they are complete. My opinion only. But I suggest that if we look to heal the family unit we will see secondary effects of increasing manliness.