Friday, September 3, 2010

You Decide Cool

I realized that the phrase and use of the term "cool" is so fluid. So many things can be deemed "cool". Seriously, depending on who you are and your social setting. literally, gum on the wall of a building could be considered cool.

Gum on a wall? Naw.

Yep! Check it out...

But beyond gum there is a deeper problem with our notion of good, bad, and awesome. Take for example your apartment in New York City. The smaller it is the better the experience becomes. The "cooler" you are. Even if it's a 10x10 closet on a 15 floor walk-up with no AC and a neighbor that always billows the smell of curry into your hallway. Even then, you are cool.

But say you just graduated college, and moved into your suburban apartment in a little town outside of Topeka Kansas. You better believe that no one wants to see your futon next to your bed. That is if in fact you aren't using the futon as your bed.

And what about gamers? Gamers use to be the most outcast groups in society. In high school you would wonder if they had multiple mouse pads in their rolling backpacks. But when you become older it's okay. Once you've dated and obtained a real adult job, gaming is like that super cool hobby that makes you look a bit more intelligent than the people that spend their nights with a beer and a baseball game. If you're a gamer you can start to speak another language that no one understands. And since they're unable to enter into your conversation they feel like outcasts. Which, in turn, means they aren't "cool".

Even moms can still be cool. Yep, you heard me. Moms. Mothers can do things like join the PTA or other local community organizations. They start to plan things and get other "ladies" involved. Pretty soon they say things like..."I'm going to lunch with the ladies". This then implies that they have also created a "cool" standing amongst their social PTA sub-culture.

But what about poor lowly you? I know what you're thinking. Christal, you're ridiculous. How can you think everyone can be cool?

Well they didn't make the movie Never Been Kissed for popular kids. Trust me. When you officially grow up you will see what I'm talking about. Until then, keep your head down, and try to realize which groups you could potentially gain the ranking of "cool" in.


Julia said...

Personally, I think I am a cool mom because I WASN'T in the PTA and DIDN'T have "lunch with the ladies." :P

Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

I'm cool because I read this blog.