Thursday, September 2, 2010

Knowledge Matters. Sometimes...

I have a fervent annoyance for arrogant behavior. I think knowledge is pretty basic. Either you cultivate your mind or you don't. But don't underestimate those that might not appear to be cultivating. They'll surprise you.

I think, no...I know, that intelligence flows and ebbs based on your current circumstances. You don't often know how to be the best parent until you become one, right? And even then parents still falter, but they're considered better experts on the subject than those that haven't yet reared children.

I was pretty savvy about social issues and news oriented terms when I was amongst the news world and interning during the democratic primaries. Now, I couldn't tell you who stands for what if my second cousins life depended on it (I personally don't think my life would depend on a question of that nature). But what could I tell you about? I could tell you how to program a register. How to organize an event. How to film a news story. And, probably a myriad of other useless things. That is because that is the knowledge I'm currently working towards obtaining.

So please, don't give someone a strange look because they're unaware of who Vladimir Putin is. All they have to do is spend .003 seconds searching his name and they'll know. Now it's more about how you utilize the ways in which you find knowledge than how much you can retain. Street smarts are becoming more valuable than the card catalogue of useless information that you think is useful. And communication, that is the travelers check in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

So good luck out there. Remember, ingenuity is just a lazy persons form of intelligence. And quite frankly, if you're smart, you should keep up with the lazy people. After-all, America is one of the most consumer based and obese nations in the world.

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Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

Interesting. Our 'me first' consumer based society has turned everything into competition. Or competition has turned us into a 'me first' consumer society. Either way, which ever came first, both are dangerous. It is now more important to know popular trivia than to know how to provide food, shelter and drinkable water for yourself and your family. Perhaps we've all become too complacent with the commodoties of a affluent nation.