Saturday, January 30, 2010


So, the genius Gov. of Idaho has decided that it would be intelligent to get rid of PBS in Idaho. Right, let's remove something educational from a nation that is already failing at intelligence daily. Below is the link to the article. Below that is what I said in response online. I want to also thank Nate, the person who wrote this story, for letting the public know how truly greedy Gov. Otter is.

Enjoy the article!

-My Comment-

I can't believe Gov. Otter would even consider phasing out such an important part of local media.

There is a quality to public television that cannot be found in mainstream media. A quality of higher intellect and the rich art of well produced programming.

Public TV isn't cookie cutter nonsense media created purely for ratings and cash flow. PBS is a place where artisans of media can showcase their talent.

I watched public television as a child. My grandmother, my mother, and myself all watched the Lawrence Welk Show. My preface was to tune into Reading Rainbow rather than other popular cartoons. And as an aspiring reporter, I looked to Charlie Rose to teach me the art of a good interview.

Don't deprive the community of healthy programming geared towards an educated society.

Furthermore, local fundraising is a viable option for garnering money for the affiliates. Research VPT (Vermont Public Television) as a good model.

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