Tuesday, February 2, 2010

GPS-Guiding Perfect Stupidity

I've decided that if you're purchasing a GPS during this current technological age, you're an idiot.

You're probably asking...why?

Well now you're a double idiot.

A run of the mill GPS system costs around $200.00. I found one that was upwards of $500.00

Are you kidding me? One of the specs on this overpriced talking junk actually read "built in GPS antenna". I sure hope there's some kind of built in antenna so some rude british woman can mock me as I turn right.

The biggest reason why you're not intelligent a person if you buy a GPS is because it's offered or "built in" to most cell phones.
And here's a kicker...if you buy an iPhone with a new plan you're only paying roughly $200.00. But instead of just having the coolest GPS (with a little blue dot that follows you as you drive), you also get a camera, phone, ipod, and other useful apps.

Oh, you're not an iPhone person? Ok. Chances are if you own a cell phone then you can have cheap/free GPS.

But by all means, please pay hundreds of dollars just so that brit can call you a wanker.

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