Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Type of Person I Am

This is not a terrible "Do You Know Me" quiz. This post is going to be about me. It's about some things I've realized about myself in the last few months.

First you must know why I felt the need to write this. It's more of a current self-reflection. And it's also spurred by a conversation I've had with a few people recently. These people (plural meaning if you think it's you you're probably wrong. And if you're right then know that I discussed this with even more people than you think) are struggling with life and their perception of life. I would call it "life boredom". They don't know what they want, like, care for, enjoy, do as a hobby, etc. I use to be one of these people but over the years changed to a point at which I can realize when I do have "life boredom". I have told all these people that they need to find out what kind of eggs they like. This means they need to know what they enjoy. I've taken this reference from Runaway Bride. But it's true...and important.

So, below are some things I've realized and things I enjoy.

1. I love to travel. Anywhere. Seriously. Big cities, small towns, even exploring my own town. I like to go to new stores I haven't been in. Meet new kinds of people I never knew. I love it. But when the trip is over I also like to have a good place to call home. I don't like to move, just travel.

2. I want to try things other people have tried. I guess it's a need to place myself in other peoples shoes. This could be why I love the news so much. You learn about new things and new or different circumstances around the world. If someone says they're reading a new series of books...i'll look into it. I think this is a general psychological principal, if you hear about it enough you'll want to investigate it and you might find interest in it. Some might say I'm a "poser" but I think of it more as "when in Rome".

3. I can't stand when parents feed their children crap. I watch this happen everyday at work and it makes me so angry. The children aren't being taught the proper tenants of nutrition and the parents are giving them heart disease and diabetes (or potentially) if they don't stop.

4. I don't like when people complain. I can't stand complainers. Granted we all need to vent. But lately I've noticed that a negative attitude is putrid to yourself, your friends, and society. You're wasting your time telling everyone about your problems and dwelling on things you have no, little, or full control over. And if you have full control then do something about it. Especially if it's living a healthier lifestyle. Don't call yourself "big boned" "bigger girl" "full figured" "sturdy" "pleasantly plump" or any other affectionate term for your lazy lifestyle. Sorry, you can do something about it. Only a small percentage of society suffer from a thyroid problem as their reason for gaining weight.

5. I don't like makeup but I like the way I look with it and I love to buy it. MAC is the best makeup I've found so far.

6. I love to sing. I will sing at work, home, in choirs. I also play guitar. I'm not that good but I eventually want to be.

7. Broadcasting, journalism, and event planning corse through my veins. I use to record myself on tape reading books when I was a child. I love being in a TV studio. I also love planning events. Large or small and any type. I suppose I like leadership opportunities as well.

8. I am a technology freak. I cannot go into Best Buy without spending money. I can't go into the electronics section of any department store without finding a reason to need something technical.

9. I like to run. I really do. I don't like running on treadmills. The good outdoors does it for me. When I run I tend to explore the parts of my town I haven't seen yet which goes along with my traveling bug.

10. I am sentimental. I take photos and save photos. I save ticket stubs. I write in a journal. I love getting awards so I can frame them and put them on my wall. I love traditions and must have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving and Ham on Christmas. That is the honest truth. And it doesn't matter where I eat these things they just must be there.

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Brittney said...

I miss you Shanana!