Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Kind of Eggs

Have you seen the movie Runaway Bride?

In this film Julia Roberts is put in front of many plates of eggs. She realizes that she has no idea what kind of eggs she likes.

I like my eggs sunny side up. I like to dip my toast in them. I don't like other types of eggs. I will eat other types if I'm hungry but I don't like them.

The moral of the eggs isn't really about eggs at all. It's about knowing who you really are. What would you do in a certain situation? What would you say? What do you really enjoy or love about life?

These last few months I've really been trying to get to know myself. What I really want. But now I think that you don't find out what you want until you're given what you don't want. Or, until you are truly and utterly bored with yourself or your circumstance.

Here's something I recently discovered about myself thanks to boredom and nightmares.

I don't like genetically modified food. I think it's nonsense. We had hundreds of varieties of apples in the 19th century. Now we have a handful. The earth was created to grow things. We don't need scientific lab oriented corn to eat. We need hard working men and women with little tact for the urban life but a great understanding of farming.

Also, scary films are not my forte. I recently watched some old scary Spielberg film. I had nightmares 2 days later. I will stick to chick flicks about teenage girls with eating disorders and attitudes bigger than the calories they consume.

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