Sunday, April 5, 2009

The President of the World

I like to keep this blog humorous for the most part, however, it is still MY blog. So I can say what I want.

I recently just changed my political views on to "It's none of your business".

Why did I do that?

Well as you can see from the photo above, U.S. politics is completely out of hand. Our view of our current president is beyond simple "holder of office". I have heard references to him even being something of a "savior" for our country.

If you remember who the "Savior" is then you'll remember that the only savior that exists is Jesus Christ. I will not nor will I ever equate Barack Obama to being like The Savior. Ever.

I haven't seen a major news magazine without a photo of him issued for months. I am also very irritated every time I walk by the FYE record store in the mall and see a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of him. On the opposite side of the store window is one of Kristen Stewart from Twilight. Seriously? I think that alone is why the word "seriously" was invented.

And what's with the world travel? I saw an interview with Hillary Clinton recently. She looked annoyed and bored. Why is that? Because President Obama is doing HER job! She should be the one traveling the globe and making solutions for peace and telling the world what we will or won't give, create, or do for them. It beckons an interesting question...what if the offices were opposite?

Now I'm sure you have come to a conclusion about my political standing by reading this. Sorry, you're wrong. Since all of the Bush nonsense, election of 2004 and 2008, global warming, gay marriage, bank downfalls, and the creation of Wal-Mart I cannot deem any political party viable. And if I do choose one it's going to be my business.

Let's bring our country back to basics. Not back to the anti-technology doldrums. But back to an era where we were a strong and independent country. You do remember why we came here right? To escape Europe. Now Europe needs us to survive. It's funny how things work isn't it?

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