Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things People Don't Know About

So, I'm a very personal person. I do talk, or joke, about many personal things but people never know what is actually going on because it is usually none of their business.

I thought I would clear some things up that seem to be confusing people. Or, so people will stop making assumptions and asking me about my personal life. Hopefully, I can still be humorous about this otherwise this blog will fall into the depth of boredom that most blogs do.

1. Work...

I work at Taco Bell. I am currently a shift manager working towards a better position there. I am in charge of being in charge of everything. Okay...not really. But I am one of the few people that the employees actually listen to. I think it is because I use a motherly tone and have an education. On a regular basis I deal with their emotional, physical, mental, and anger issues. Furthermore, I also get called "bitch" by customers in front of their children. No, it is not a glamorous job.

So why am I still there? Why haven't I run for the nearest bus stop, cab depot, or corner to sell myself? Because they treat me well, I have a very good boss, and the money is good. Also, because I am good at what I do. I don't just make the food. I make sure the restaurant is working well, I do a bunch of paperwork so we don't run out of things like tacos, and I prevent the restaurant from being plastered all over Dateline NBC by teaching my co-workers how to properly prepare food in a sanitized environment. (fyi...there are other places in the umall you may not want to eat at. Subway, Taco Bell, and Mcdonalds are very clean).

So that is work. Don't ask me about again please. And don't try to tell me I should get a different job. In case you forgot...this is my life. And I'm obviously VERY stubborn.

2. My Family...

Weekly I get the same question at church. "How is your family?" I would like to remind humanity that filler family questions are not sincere. A more sincere question might be the following...

"How do you make your hair look so good everyday?"


"How far are you in the Twilight Series?"

Those are the questions that pertain to me and that I would feel okay discussing with strangers. Just because you have been to my house does not mean we are BFF's and that I want to discuss my personal family issues with you. Sorry, I'm a private person. For those of you who don't understand this family section of this post, here is some background info: my mom has schizophrenia. She's an amazing women but also a private person with whom I don't discuss with people whom I don't know any better than the anchors on the Fox News Channel.

Wow, that was extremely therapeutic and now I think I may clean my room. I will also be finishing up my bottle of the best drink ever created...

Diet Dr. Pepper


Maymo said...

I love you and miss you.

Tasha and Ryan said...

You crack me up so much! ya know that!! =) ha It's so true people do ask such unsincere questions (ya i know that totally is not a word!) & are you living in vermont right now?