Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Should Talk?

So one day after class (the day I said I was a democrat in class) I was waiting for Sis. Hansen to talk to her and he came up to me and said “have you seen that story on abortion?” and I said “What?” and he said “ya know the one where they leave the babies in the room to die”

I said “where did you see this story”

Him “I got it in an email”

Me “an email?”

Him “well it was a link”

Me “So you got an email with a link to this story?” “coming from a journalistic standpoint I think you should probably research other news sources. Not just CNN and Fox news but various places”

Him “yea, that is good”

Me “because honestly from experience…anyone can start a story. Even a network story can be pitched by a regular person like me”

Him “well don’t you…” (then he went on but I didn’t continue listening. He tried continue talking on the subject)

Me “I’m a democrat but I’m against abortion” and I said that in a bit of a staunch manner so he would leave me alone.

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