Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teachers Pest

I have this math class. Unfortunately I wasn't intelligent enough to finish taking the course during the beginning of my college career. Thus I am stuck.

I am stuck with a women who doesn't understand my communication skills and seems to think I have a personal vendetta against her. The true fact seems to be that she has a personal vendetta against me.

I class she asked us all to hand in Vocabulary terms. No one knew we were handing them in or that they were due. I then rose my hand and said that "did you tell us last class that we were handing this in or did you tell us on I-Learn?" She looked very confused and offended.

My intention: to find out if she had actually told us so I could make sure I didn't miss something important next time.

Her reaction: she pulled me aside and said to me "can you please not question me in front of the whole class?" I looked at her very confused. She said "when you do that you make everyone else question me"

My reaction: "I wasn't targeting you, I was asking a question"....unfortunately, she didn't care.

I left that day angry, sad, and confused. Does she have some personal vendetta against me? Is she prideful? Am I prideful? I went through many cycles on who's wrong/who's right. Eventually I've decided to try and forget it.

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