Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Um...Almost Done...Uh-Oh

So the Summer Semester is over and now I am getting ready to start my final semester in college this Fall. I thought it would take me forever, I still think it will take me forever.

People have been asking me what I'm going to do after I graduate. I think it's fair to tell you I don't have many plans as of yet. I do plan to go back to Vermont and rot for a while so I can figure out my life.

While I rot in Vermont I plan to work at the same place I have worked at for the past 7 years in between high school and college. Those of you who actually know me know where that place is. But please...don't judge. I would actually be making as much there as I would be working for much better places.

Honestly, it's nice to do some menial work once and a while. It helps you remember who you really are and why you don't want to be stuck in that job forever. A few months working there and I'll be ready to move on to anything better. Everything seems dynamic after empanadas. Or, maybe I'll stay a while longer. Regardless...it's my decision and I made it for a reason.

Tentatively there are a few things I want to accomplish after I graduate. I want to see the world. As a journalist I think it's important to actually understand the things you're discussing with the world.

I also want to pursue photography, music, and my writing. Those are all things that are so important to me but somehow I never push past the simple meanderings of my web page.

Anyhow...this is lame...but I'm not, so, don't doubt my ambition.

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