Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Pudding

I would like to tell you why I enjoy pudding.

Pudding doesn't have an opinion about anything. It's solid enough to make a difference but soft enough to go down smooth. Pudding likes all movies and all books and will stand by you.

Pudding can combine itself with other flavors. Pudding doesn't mind sharing it's cup just as long as each flavor has it's space in the cup.

Pudding doesn't care what political affliation you are. Pudding stays on its own side of the cup and knows what flavor it is.

Pudding even has its own blog called "The Daily Dish" pudding is very cynical in its blog...especially about matters of the heart.

If you ever need a creamy sholder to cry on...pudding is there. But please be nice to pudding because if you aren't pudding might stain your favorite sweater. Even worse, if you ignore pudding then pudding will mold and spoil. No one wants pudding to be spoiled, it's more demanding that way.

So as you go about your day don't forget pudding. It's womens best friend.

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