Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Who, after discovering they could build a house, decided it would be a good idea to put people back outside in the dirt on blankets inside giant nylon bags? To what am I referring?


I like camping. I do. I like the fresh air, fires, outdoor activities, and ample sun. But there are some things about camping that make all those wonderful experiences seem like the perks to the products you by on an infomercial.


You might find yourself listening to a rabid racoon about to naw on your tent. That is until someone decides to wake up and chase it with the knife they most likely made in Boy Scouts.

Other drawbacks to camping include but are not limited to: eating rotten food because you didn't purchase enough ice for your cooler, swollen ankles due to mosquito bites, weight gain from s'mores, discovering that the word "s'mores" is utter nonsense, dealing with the elderly who spend all summer at the campsite, dirty feet, and hating the people you're with simply because you cannot stand to hear the same voice 24/7 through nylon or otherwise.

But yes, I love camping. I'll do it again. Then I'll recouperate and think of all the awkward moments shared with those who where so awfully too close to me for the short period of time I slept in that nylon bag.

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J-Lao said...

I'd do it again too... Wookie calls and everything.