Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lady Men

I'm a bit concerned as of late the state of men in society. Namely, where are they? Ouch Christal, that's harsh!

...too bad Mr.! I've noticed that society is now producing what I like to call "Fem-e-Men" or FEM for short. What are FEMs? Pretty much any dude who has lost the will to act like a man. And who do I blame for FEMs?


Yes, that's right, you thought you would get some kind of feminine kick out of reading this post didn't you? Well it's your fault that men act like women. We've dumped so much of our lady chemicals all over society that it's ruining MAN-kind. We even created a new chemical called "testrigyn"...yea, I made that up too.

So what is a FEM? Simply put, any man that's put aside most traditional values to live a life devoid of women, power, and esteem. Do I want to see more pride soaked Donald Trumps in the world? Heavens no! But something has to be done about these sissy men.

So how do you break free of being a FEM?

1. Don't be afraid to ask women out, all kinds of women, and yes...if you can, pay for dinner! Otherwise be creative and do something cheap but fun.

2. Stop thinking you're a loser. No man is a loser. No one is a loser period. But men can easily break free of loserdom by just thinking they're not one. Esteem is hott.

3. For the love of all that is good in the world...get a job! So you want to be an artist? Do it on the side. Sorry buddy, but men need jobs. And one job leads to a better job, etc.

4. When a lady enters the room, offer her your chair. Don't sit on the couch like the lazy FEM you are and make her feel worthless because she has to squat on the ground like a dude.

5. Finally, don't wear women's pants. Just don't. Only on special occasions like concerts? Nope, not even then.

Ladies, you won't know you're surrounded by FEMs until you meet some good men. When you do, this post will really enlighten you! But I ask that you stop treating men like your equals to the point that they're afraid to speak to you.  


J-Lao said...

Sadly, this made me laugh. I hadn't realized that guys have gotten to be this bad.

I also apologize if I subconsciously display any of these FEM qualities...

Chris"TAL" said...

Must've happened while you were on the mission. Ha, you're not guilty of being a FEM. Actually, the men I know for the most part aren't.

...but I still see this, lol.

Ajax's Whimsical Revolution said...

testrygen...Gold! Nice work. However, I was a bit confused on your tip for FEMs to give up their seat for a woman. I guess I'm kind of confused because it sounds like FEMs are overly submissive, but not offering a seat sounds more like indifference. Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but that makes it even better. I do think you are onto something and I would like to see some solid research to further our understanding of the FEM phenom. Thank you for your pioneering report.