Monday, May 2, 2011

Image of our Nation

After the announcement that Osama Bin Ladin had been captured and killed. NYC
Okay, my blog posts are usually upbeat with a snarky twist. This one probably will be too...but I have to write about our current events. And the photo in this post. I stole this photo from It was given to them by Getty Images to be exact.

I want to pose a question with this photo: how many soldiers do you know that dress like this in their uniform? Isn't it a requirement that you be clean shaven in order to wear your camouflage/ACU?

Taking the issue even further. Did this kid realize he was representing his country when he put on this garment? I think perhaps he did. So I guess we're all hippies. I suppose I'm a bit extreme in my feelings about this photograph but it's unsettling, and I doubt I'm the only individual who feels this way. If the men at my private college had to trim their sideburns to take a test...this dude needs a hair cut.

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jean.saari said...

how many people died in that uniform so he could play dress up? our freedom is paid for, lets be respectful of those who picked up the tab. back in the day, dressing above one's station cost 5 days in the stocks while the other members of the community pelted you with rotten food and livestock feces. I say we bring that back.