Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Secret Lives

I think everyone more or less has some kind of secret life. With the advent of technology this is made pretty simple. It used to be that there were pen names. These were names that writers used to protect their identity. Oftentimes when they realized they could actually make a living they revealed their pen names.

My pen name would probably be Frisky McGriddles. Look for it on shelves in 2013...

So why the need for "secret identities"?

Simple. We are ALL weird. Every single last one of us. We all do weird things. Some people do more apparent weird things than others. I have to unplug many things before I leave the house. It's just something I do. Am I afraid of fire? Well yeah. But not all weird things stem from fears. Some people really really like the smell of goats, or making origami, or reading vampire fiction.

What are some of the weirdest things I've noticed about people? Most recently I found a photo on FB of someone posed behind a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush. But then I found it endearing. She likes George W. Bush enough to inform others...this is my cause that I am "literally" standing behind.

Granted, I'm not necessarily an aficionado of Mr. G-Dub-yah, but I respect what makes her happy. So I say embrace the weird in people. When they make strange comments...you can laugh, but laugh with joy. And remember, you ARE weird, dysfunctional, and somewhat awkward.


Frisky McGriddles 


Jack said...

who doesn't love a healthy dose of secrecy....

Chris"TAL" said...

Touche! I like your take on realism on your blog as well.