Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Airport Body Scans

Gosh darn it I love them there airport body scans. Can I just tell you how wonderful it's going to be when I don't have to get groped by some smelly overweight cuban TSA agent with an awful sense of humor; even to the point that he convinces me I might possibly have a concealed nail clipper in my pocket.

So what if they get to see all my incidentals. I lost 50 pounds in the last year and I have to show it off somewhere. It'll be so wonderful to know that when a terrorist walks through one of those contraptions he'll be laughed at before he's arrested. We all know how those eastern men overcompensate. Not to mention their terrible flair for the dramatic when it comes to hiding bombs.

TSA: "why does that man have a copy of George Bush's memoir?"

TSA 2: "No silly, that's the bomb"

Terrorist: "What? Can't a middle eastern man learn of upstanding politics and enjoy a grammatically well written discourse?"

TSA: "You can, which is how we know that's the bomb"


Joram said...

Haha brilliant, i really enjoy reading your entries...shame so you don't write more often, i'd love to read your work every week!

Chris"TAL" said...


I know! I suck! I'll try to write more often. If you enjoy my humor then do the following...

1. Continue reading my blog

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3. Follow me on Twitter at cc636

And thanks for reading! Tell your friends! I love those that enjoy my random thoughts on society. I think more people need to express themselves freely as I do. There would be way less anti-depressants advertised during soap operas.