Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Night Hours

The post below was originally written at night at a bus stop in Denver, CO in September 2009...

I am a night person. I workout at night. I hangout at night. I do most of my eating at night. I would venture to say that if I believed in reincarnation I was most likely a bat. Except I would've smelt much better.

I certainly think we are a night generation. Movies are held at night. There are nightclubs. And mothers say "night night" to their children. You never hear them say "morning morning". They must say night twice because it's more important.

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Eric and Hannah said...

I chuckled a little when I read the part where you say you do most of your eating at night. I remember you would always eat meals (like a steak and mashed potatoes) at like midnight! You are too funny!

Speaking of Denver....I think Denver wants you to visit it again. (And I want to see you too!)