Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easy Sociality

I used to be shy. Really, utterly, shy. I was afraid of what people would think of me. I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be accepted by some kind of social subset group of people that would wear neon bracelets and get backstage at MTV, or play lacrosse.

Then, at some point in college, I realized it didn't matter what you wanted to become. No one cares about what you want to become. They only care about who you are. Furthermore, once I stopped caring about how many friends I had, wanted, or needed...I flourished.

I love people. I love hearing their stories. I see the value in everyone. Perhaps that is how I went from having nothing to do on the weekends to literally always enjoying a new adventure with a new amigo. I stopped wishing my freckles would melt into a tan and started asking people questions about their lives. Occasionally I would toss in a witty joke or two. Finally, the stone to the soup of friendship...loyalty. Once you're my friend you will always be my friend unless you do something hedonistic to truly offend me.

Now don't get me wrong. This is not to say that I can be friends with everyone. I tend to steer clear of flakes (even though sometimes I fall into that category), and drug addicts. But for the most part I like you. I want to know about you. And if you meet me, my beginning remarks might even be the simple question: what's your story?

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