Friday, June 27, 2008

Yes "I" Can

Yes I can now be a communist.

Yes I can purchase red meat.

Yes I can move to Canada and protest the occupation in Iraq.

Yes I can eat tuna NOT whales.

Yes I can loose all my money to identity theft.

Yes I can lick the cream off the oreos before I eat the cookie.

Yes I can ride my bicycle in the street.

Yes I can fight for my country.

Yes I can drink 100% fruit juice.

Yes I can be intelligent and still get an F.

Yes I can dun' gon' get me an education tru high skool.

Yes I can starve.

Yes I can have the freedom to write whatever I want online.

Yes I can be taken away by the police at a rally against George Dubya.

Yes I can knit.

Yes I can live in a blue state, support being red, then vote blue.

Yes I can be free to live my religion.

Yes I can get sent home for dressing like santa.

Yes I can watch a student bring a gun to school.

Yes I can get killed by that student while a man in Wyoming hunts deer he doesn't eat.

Yes I can recieve the call to prayer.

Yes I believe happy cows come from California but good milk comes from Vermont.

Yes I can write a senator.

Yes I can wait a year for a letter from that senator.

Yes I can change.

Yes I believe we have a right to change.

No you cannot make me change my mind.

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