Monday, June 9, 2008

Guitars, Life, Winco!

So Guitars Unplugged went pretty well. The graphics were great! I do wish we had had more bands tryout. Although...this is what made the event spectacular for me...

When I went on stage to hand out prizes with my co-manager I walked to stage left...slide my foot out from under me and...FELL IN FRONT OF 3,500 PEOPLE!

Not my proudest moment. Not to mention my poor co-manager didn't know I left stage and she kept standing their handing out prizes by herself...she was got a bit embarrassed too!

Ultimately it was a blast...a lot of hard work...but a blast.

Now on to life.

I don't really feel like doing anything after graduation. I think I am going to work a menial job when I got home to make some extra cash and then buy a car. Then...when I get so antsy and annoyed with being in Vermont I will move on. I also have to save money.

Finally...Winco is so rad. I spent too much money there tonight. I suppose it's because there isn't any good clothing shopping here so I supplement it with grocery shopping. haha.

Now here's one final question. Why must it be a Winco requirement to be missing teeth, wear sleeveless man T's, and use sentences like "them apples are real tasty"?

That's All,


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Tasha and Ryan said...

Oh my gosh I was dying laughing when I read your description of winco, that is hilarious. I Miss your personality and sense of humor so bad! Can i just tell you that! Lets keep in contact through blog girl! :)